Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What kind of people are ideal for this TEFL opportunity?

A: We welcome ANYONE who is a native or fluent English speaker, especially someone with a university degree in any academic field ( though this is NOT required). College graduates who have a background in English or literature from any of the four major native English Speaking Nations (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia), will have the best chance to qualify for the highest-paying positions around the globe. Visit our Partners page for examples of what current employers require.

Q: What does my down payment of $500 USD on this website get me?

A: Your down payment will secure your position in our class for the date which you have selected (first come, first to get the seat). It will also provide you with an exclusive online mega-discount, only good through our company, that allows you to stay at the hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand for just $199 for the entire month of your course. (at our Chiang Mai, thailand training location).

Q: What kind of hotel will I be staying at in Thailand?

A: Your hotel room will be a single with a queen-size bed, hot water, air conditioning, color TV, cable, free wireless internet, unlimited guests, and is a five-minute walk from our course location.

Q: Do I have to leave my current country of residence to get certified?

A: Yes, TEFL is a certificate for teaching English internationally, and our primary location is Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our course prepares you for the overseas experience by providing a venue for you to obtain practical teaching skills at one of our international locations. Upon certification, you will be able to choose one of the 180 countries to which you will take your new found English teaching talents.

Q: Do I have to learn another language for the country which I go to teach?

A: No, TEFL teachers are not required to learn another language (though it can be helpful). Employers hire you for your native English-speaking ability and want you to speak English when you are working so that students and local co-workers can practice their English with you also.

Q: Do I have to pay for my own plane ticket?

A: Since we have candidates coming to our course from all over the world at different times of year, we know that it will best for each candidate to purchase the tickets that best fits their schedule; thus, all candidates will need to pay for their travel arrangements.

Q: Will I be responsible for my own food?

A: You will need to purchase your own food, but there are dozens of great restaurants within walking distance of our course location and your hotel. Food is very inexpensive, with an average cost of about $2 USD per meal.

Q: Does this course include online training?

A: No, Abrigo Recruiting LLC only supports the best TEFL course practices, where our focus is LIVE teaching practicums, used to ensure that our candidates are fully prepared to teach on their own upon completion. Online courses alone will not prepare you to immerse yourself into a new culture and connect with your students who already do not speak English. Most schools and business require hands-on teaching experience for potential TEFL teachers.

Q: How long is the course?

A: Each course is exactly four weeks (including 120 hours LIVE teaching); the exact dates are posted on our calendar

Q: Where is the TEFL course located?

A: Our primary course location is Chiang Mai, Thailand, but we have over 30 locations in 22 countries around the world.

Q: What do I have to bring with me to the course?

A: You will only need to bring enough clothes to wear for a month, including business-casual clothes for each of your teaching practices. You will also need money for food, cab fare to and from the airport, and money for tourism and entertainment if you wish to enjoy the city on your off time. Included in the full payment of our course is all of your course material. Our class room is prepared with computers, WiFi, pens, course books for each candidate, and all the other tools you will need to complete our course.

Q: While in the course, do I have to attend classes on the weekends?

A: Our TEFL course is four weeks, five days a week, but NO weekend classes. Your weekends are free for you to enjoy a new city and study as you desire.

Q: How do I wash my clothes while I’m there?

A: The hotel has washers and dryers for use by customers, but you can also give your clothes to one of the many laundry services who are very affordable.

Q: Do they take US dollars at the school location?

A: There will be a currency exchange at the airport for you to turn your US dollars into local currency. There are also ATMs which will allow you to obtain local currency whenever you need it.

Q: Does Abrigo Recruiting LLC find me a teaching job?

A. Abrigo Recruiting LLC works with schools who teach the TEFL course and has partnerships with many global employers. We do not guarantee placement, but we are committed to helping everyone who completes our course to get employed in one of the over one million TEFL jobs available today. We offer a lifetime assistance program to help you get into a job that suits your qualifications.