The Need

What is ASEAN?

The Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) was formed in 1967 and consists of 10 nations: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The purpose of these ten countries uniting in this partnership is simple: alone, they are small economies of developing nations with minimal impact on the world, but together, they are a formidable body that is able to grow and prosper by negotiating fair international trade deals. With their year-round tropical weather, abundant natural resources, willingness to work, commitment to education and technology, and sense of responsibility to the greater community at large, the ASEAN geography is an investor’s paradise. Collectively, these ten nations have a population of over SIX HUNDRED MILLION people, and their residents speak over two hundred different languages. With a work force that is almost the population of North and South America combined, a decision had to made to choose one language to communicate in an official capacity.

The question to be was which of their 200+ languages (if any), would be the official language of the ASEAN community? It was obvious that they should choose the default language of the world, the best choice was the most prevalent language on earth. So the ASEAN community chose English as their official language.

unitefl029With this decision made a new question comes to mind, who or what would be responsible for teaching these six hundred million individuals the English language. This is where TEFL-certified teachers provide an unparalleled solution. Simply sending books or videos is not good enough, neither is relying on YouTube or online translators which are shaky at best in providing accurate and authentic translations. And as good as Rosetta Stone and similar teach-yourself solutions might be, they are not cost-effective nor practical on such a wide scale. The ASEAN population will need years of face-to-face, hands-on English teaching from teachers who can personally dedicate themselves to educating students with little, if any, English proficiency to becoming fluent speakers. In order to become a fluent speaker, you must have an excessive amount of practice speaking. That is way TEFL certified teachers travel to over 180 countries around world, taking their native English speaking skills to the BILLIONS of learners in need.

It is common knowledge that native speakers make the best teachers, but where will these native speakers come from? There are only four official native English-speaking nations in the world: England, Canada, Australia, and the United States of America. Of these four countries, one of them has the most widely accepted passport along with the highest number of accredited places of higher learning – the United States. Though Abrigo Recruiting welcomes native speakers from anywhere in the world to take our TEFL course, and has successfully trained individuals from numerous countries to become teachers, it is important to highlight that employers of TEFL teachers prefer native speakers with U.S. passports (because they are granted entry virtually everywhere in the world), with degree(s) from U.S. universities, and TEFL-certified with 120 hour of LIVE training.

Thus the purpose of Abrigo Recruiting LLC is revealed– we exist to educate, promote, and deploy English speakers from their native homelands in an attempt to meet the astronomically high and growing demand for TEFL teachers across the globe. Even if every adult American were to get TEFL-certified, there would still not be nearly enough individuals to teach the total population of ASEAN, not to mention the billions more who want to learn English all around the world. This means that being a TEFL teacher is not just a fun job that you can use to travel, but after merely four weeks of training in our course, you will be fully and uniquely qualified to do a job that less than 4% of the global population can do. Join us and get TEFL- certified today – it is the opportunity of a lifetime!